Printing Updates for 2016-2017 School Year

RU utilizing printing to its full potential?

Printing at Rockhurst has never been easier due to the adoption of our new Papercut system. There’s a couple of options you have if you’d like to send something to one of the printers. You can log on with your Rockhurst username and password at, then select Web Print on the left side of the page. From there, follow the prompts to print either in black/white or in color, then swipe your RU ID at the printers on campus and choose the documents you’d like to print. Alternatively,  send what you want to print as an attachment to, then swipe your student ID at the printer and select the documents you would like to print. If you’d like to print all the documents in the queue, simply press the “Print all” option. If you want to print in color then email your attachment to, then continue at the printer as before.

Computer Services can always put more money on your card if you run out.

Remember to think before you ink! Wasn’t that a tearable pun?

Upcoming Events

October 9: SAFBC Meeting

October 16: SAFBC Meeting

October 23: (7:30) Chris Lowney Speaking

October 30: SAFBC Meeting

November 6: SAFBC Meeting

November 6: (4:00) Health and Wellness Center Groundbreaking Ceremony