Plaza Signage Initiative

Have you ever noticed the lack of Rockhurst signs around our area?

One of the many projects Senate has been working on this semester has been working to increase Rockhurst’s publicity in the plaza and surrounding neighborhoods. It was brought to Senate’s attention that there are almost no public signs advertising Rockhurst, while there are several for UMKC. Some members of Senate drove around the plaza area and the surrounding neighborhoods last semester to document the current lack of signs for Rockhurst. Senate, along with the Public Relations and Marketing Department, worked to change this through documenting the current lack of signs for our school throughout the area, and drafting a proposal to bring before the city of Kanas City. Our goal with this project is to increase local publicity, and increase visitors to Rockhurst.

There is currently a work order in with this city to add Rockhurst to the signage along highway 71 leading up to the Emmanuel Cleaver exit! As for the signs around the plaza area, it will be up to Rockhurst to provide funding for our addition onto the signs, and the Public Relations and Marketing (PRM) department is currently working on this endeavor. Senate has received much gratitude and appreciation from PRM, other administrators, and the Board of Trustees for our work with this initiative.

Senate believes this is a worthwhile project because increasing Rockhurst’s publicity locally can help us develop and improve our school community. Greater signs directing towards the school can make it more accessible for visitors to find, including prospective students or community supporters. We believe Rockhurst has done many great things for the local community thus far, and is capable of doing much more. We would like others to be able to see the impact this school has had, but they need to be able to find us first.

Upcoming Events

November 5-9: Leadership Symposium Week 

November 5:

  • School-wide Service Project (All Day in Massman)
  • MOCSA Speaker (SCI 115)

November 6:

  • Health and Wellness Center Groundbreaking Ceremony (XL Lot @ 4pm)
  • Alicia Douglas: Last Lecture (SCI 115 @ 9pm)

November 7:

  • Town Hall (Party Barn @ 4pm)

November 8:

  • House of Reps (Massman 250 @4pm)

November 13: SAFBC Meeting