Overcoming Oppression

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Overcoming Oppression

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As students at a Jesuit institution, we are challenged to be in the pursuit for wisdom. At some point though, the truth wisdom reveals might make us uncomfortable. On Friday, November 13th, Rockhurst students experienced just that when they participated in Residence Life’s Beyond Words: Tunnel of Oppression. This program, hosted annually by the Residence Life department, aims to raise awareness amongst the student body of issues many students face or encounter daily in the news and in their lives. It spotlights the uncomfortable truths that many at the school have encountered, and many more that our brothers and sisters across the globe encounter each day. 

Resident Assistant Aimee Dion said the room that impacted her the most was about the refugee crisis. She explained: “When I think of refugees, I think of people moving in the night through forests, like the Underground Railroad. Here it was as if we were packed into a train car or moving van and people were scared and crying and searching for their family members, which I think is more realistic.” Other topics that found themselves in the rooms this year included abusive relationships, conversion therapy, mental health, alcohol, body imageand racial discrimination.

Beyond Words is one of many programs Rockhurst has been offering to help start conversations about difficult subjects. Erase Hate week, Student Senate’s Leadership Symposium, and Beyond Words have all served as avenues to get these conversations started. More recently, the University has set up the opportunity to have small-group discussions this week, December 1st and 2nd, focusing on ethnic diversity and inclusion. In his email, Dr. Matt Quick said “It’s important to us that students feel heard, respected, understood, included, and cared for.  These conversations have been designed with this goal in mind.” The link to sign up for these discussions can be found here. It’s time to get uncomfortable Rockhurst.

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