Meet the Team

Here is your list of Senators for the 2017-2018 academic year. Feel free to reach out to any and all Senators with your concerns, suggestions, or ideas. Click on the links below to learn a little bit about and access your favorite Senator’s contact information.

Executive Board

President: Zachary Pohlman

Executive Vice President: Abby Bergman

Vice President of Finance: Tony Gambino 

Vice President of Programming: Jansen Rouillard

Executive Secretary: Claire Webster

Advisor: Matt Quick, Ph.D

Committee Chairs

Social Justice: Claire Webster

Finance: Tony Gambnio

Campus Life: Cheenia Wanamaker

University Affairs: America Romo

General Senators

Ben Franco

Dalton Goser

Nick Bader

Virginia Vanegas

Leah Dionisi

Meg Dionisi

Kelsey Keady

Matt Baker

Justine Berezintsev

Emily Lassman

Emmanual Mangar

Kate Ludwig

Holly Sullivan

Mac Dumsky

Nhukha Nguyen

Forrest Roudebush

Allison Delgado

Joanna Ramirez

Corben Phillips

Mi’Kayla Taylor



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Upcoming Events


January 18: 4 pm House of Reps

February 15: 4 pm House of Reps

February 20: 4 pm Town Hall