Maggie Gerards

General Senator – Campus Life Committee

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics, Spanish, + Global Studies

Involvement: Senate, Orientation, Honors Program and Writing Tutor

Passion: I am passionate about dogs with people names, allowing all voices to be heard, and coffee

Goal for Senate: My goal for Senate is to serve and to lead the Rockhurst community, while adhering to the Jesuit Core Values


Upcoming Events

November 5-9: Leadership Symposium Week 

November 5:

  • School-wide Service Project (All Day in Massman)
  • MOCSA Speaker (SCI 115)

November 6:

  • Health and Wellness Center Groundbreaking Ceremony (XL Lot @ 4pm)
  • Alicia Douglas: Last Lecture (SCI 115 @ 9pm)

November 7:

  • Town Hall (Party Barn @ 4pm)

November 8:

  • House of Reps (Massman 250 @4pm)

November 13: SAFBC Meeting