Love Food Not Waste

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Love Food Not Waste

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Love-Food-Not-Waste-poster1Don’t you hate in the mornings when the cafeteria has the sausage patties instead of sausage links? Whatever you made the best of the situation and settled for a breakfast sandwich made with a biscuit, the sausage and some eggs; you did not eat it all and left about half of it on your plate.

After class you go to the cafe because a burger, fries with the ‘OMG- so- good- nacho- cheese’ is just calling your name. After two servings of fries, you and your friends decide you don’t want anymore, leaving excess cheese on your plate.

For dinner the Mongolian Grill is serving oriental fried rice, and while you wait for your food, you casually eat 3 of the MyPantry deluxe blondie brownies. You would have eaten all of your fried rice…but you ate two more blondies.

Over the course of the day, you left about half your meal on your plate. All that food has to get thrown away. According to Recycling Works, if you have 734 students eating on campus then there is a waste of 104,045 pounds of food a year. That can be broken down to 1 ton of food wasted per week!

Chartwells works constantly to reduce its environmental impact, giving students healthier options that are also healthy for the environment. Any improvement cannot be done without everyone’s support. This week, Chartwells is launching a campaign called ‘Love Food Not Waste’. During this time, Chartwells asks students to be more conscientious about the food choices they make.

Help Chartwells launch this program by signing up with the link below. Not only will you get a free meal in the cafeteria you also get to learn more about what Chartwells is doing to reduce Rockhurst University’s environmental impact.

**Please check in with Karen in the Dining Services office to receive instructions and your FREE meal
Monday 10/12 Tuesday 10/13 Wednesday 10/14 Thursday 10/15 Friday 10/16
11am-12pm Martha Fagan
12pm-1pm Isaac Gray claire burkemper Alec Schroff
12pm-1pm rina fernan
5pm-6:30pm Matt Rancilio
5pm-6:30pm Bev Ziegler Morgan Coil
5pm-6:30pm Sarah Pezold Jodie Foster
5pm-6:30pm Claire Minnick Liz Mitchell

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