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Rockhurst Student Responses to Racist Flyers

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On Monday, October 23, explicitly racist posters were found on the premises of Rockhurst University. The responses from Rockhurst University students and student organizations can be found at the links below.

We will not allow bigotry and hateful messages on our campus. We stand in support with those affected by these hurtful flyers.

A Letter from BSU

Letter to Rockhurst Community

Student Senate Bill of Solidarity

Student Senate Oath of Inclusion

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A Letter to President Trump

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Dear President Trump,

As the Student Senate President, I represent the undergraduate students of Rockhurst University. Recent tension on our campus and many other college campuses, due in part to the current social and political climate, have made our Student Senate keenly aware of our responsibility to actively work for the safety and well-being of all of those whom we represent.

Rockhurst’s Jesuit Mission and Values call us to work zealously towards a more just world, a more perfect Union. Recently, Pope Francis, a Jesuit himself, challenged our generation to be intentional in inviting all to have a seat at the table. “Dialogue” he says, “presupposes and demands that we seek a culture of encounter; an encounter which acknowledges that diversity is not only good, it is necessary.” In rooting our relentless work for justice in this and other Jesuit ideals including Cura Personalis (Care for the Whole Person) and Contemplation in Action, we proudly take this opportunity to engage in open and free dialogue to promote the rights, opportunities, and responsibilities of our fellow students, principles certainly manifest in the Constitution of the United States.

As representatives of a broad and diverse constituency, we embrace Pope Francis’ outlook. We respectfully ask, over the course of the next four years, that your administration likewise work to ensure that all voices are heard and considered. The Melting Pot that is the United States is at its finest when its unique array of perspectives is sincerely valued, heard, and integrated at the table of conversation. We particularly request that the administration be open to engagement with historically oppressed populations, many of whom we represent, which include but are not limited to: undocumented immigrants, people of color, the cyclically impoverished, and the unborn.

It is not our Ignatian Way of Proceeding to make demands. Rather, we merely aspire to leave no stone unturned as we continue to seek justice in our world – and do so in a way that engenders civility. We believe that intentional and respectful dialogue, as well as inclusion of the diverse populations that we represent, truly embodies a government of “We the People.” We hope that the current administration joins us in such conversation, related legislative development, and subsequent administrative actions that reflect and honor these principles.

Zachary B. Pohlman
Rockhurst University
Student Senate President

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RU Fair Trade?

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Rockhurst University becomes the first Fair Trade University in Missouri

fairtradeRockhurst University becomes the FIRST Fair Trade University in Missouri as of Thursday, November 10th, 2016. This is is an exciting event for the Rockhurst community. Students, faculty, and staff alike have advocated for Fair Trade for the past 15 years as a way to better live out Rockhurst’s Jesuit Core Values. Students formed the RU Fair Trade Initiative in the spring of 2015 to take the necessary steps to become an official Fair Trade Campus through Fair Trade Campaigns*.

Wondering what all this means? Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions!

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade means that the producers of goods are ensured fair wages, safe working conditions, reasonable hours, respect for the environment, no child labor, no discrimination, medical care, freedom to unionize, and fair wages. (See here for more information.)

What does it mean to be a Fair Trade Campus?

Being a Fair Trade Campus means that we support Fair Trade ideals and products. It involves five steps that must be met and upheld. First, we established a Fair Trade committee, which we refer to as the “RU Fair Trade Initiative.” Second, we have worked with Chartwells and the Bookstore to offer at least two Fair Trade products (e.g. coffee, tea, sugar, gifts) at each outlet on campus. Third, we have worked to serve Fair Trade products at campus meetings and events when possible. Fourth, we offer at least two educational events about Fair Trade per semester. And fifth, we have passed a Fair Trade Resolution through Student Senate that is supported by the university president, Fr. Curran. Our hope is that as awareness of Fair Trade products increases on campus, Fair Trade products will become more prevalent and accessible at Rockhurst. This is just the beginning!

Are Fair Trade products more expensive?

Fair Trade products are often the same price or only slightly more than other products.If you see a slight increase in price, know that it is for a good cause. Any lower of a price would compromise either the wage of the worker or the necessary cost to keep their environment safe.

Will this mean prices will go up on campus?

According to Rockhurst CFO Gerald Moench, committing to Fair Trade on campus will not result in financial strain to Rockhurst. Additionally, the Fair Trade Resolution, passed by the Student Senate and signed by University President, Fr. Curran, emphasizes that decisions made are not to jeopardize costs.

How can I help?

Follow us on social media, “RU Fair Trade”, come to Fair Trade Educational Events, buy Fair Trade products when possible, and advocate for Fair Trade at Rockhurst, in your organizations, and in the greater community. And come celebrate with us Thursday at 5 pm in the Massman Fishbowl!

*Fair Trade Campaigns is an organization who works to officially recognize schools, towns, and congregations in “the US for embedding Fair Trade practices and principles into policy, as well as the social and intellectual foundations of their communities” (

By: Senator and RU Fair Trade Initiative Coordinator, Beverly Ziegler

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Dr. Pecaut to Deliver “Last Lecture”

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Get excited for this year’s Last Lecture Series! We are so excited to announce that Physics professor Dr. Mark Pecaut will be giving this thrilling lecture about life, as if it were his last. This talk is modeled after a lecture given by Dr. Randy Pausch, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. One month before he was scheduled to give the lecture, his cancer was deemed terminal. Dr. Pausch used this opportunity to impart to students inspiration to follow their dreams, as well as important lessons he learned over the course of his lifetime. Many top academics around the country began to think deeply about what really matters to them and gave similar hypothetical “last lectures,” conveying their personal wisdom to others as if it were their last chance.

Dr. Pecaut grew up near Jefferson City, Missouri. He performed his undergraduate studies at Truman State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Math and Physics. After graduation, he briefly attended MIT for a semester until he realized this was not where he was meant to be. He then moved to Missouri where he worked in Civil Drafting and Computer Support. This was only a brief stop in his busy life. Shortly after returning to Missouri, he joined the Peace Corp with his wife Amy. Together, the two of them worked in West Africa teaching physics and biology, as well as developing a 20-computer lab for the school there. Once his two years of service was over, he moved to Wyoming and worked as a web and database programmer before returning to school at the University of Rochester in New York, where he earned his doctorate in Physics and Astronomy.

That leads us to where he is today. Dr. Pecaut started at Rockhurst University in 2013, where he now teaches classes in physics and mathematics. He also frequently conducts research in the field of observational astronomy, often times allowing his students to assist in the research. When Dr. Pecaut is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife Amy and three children. His oldest daughter is Athena (11), followed by his son Ambrose (8), and his youngest daughter Odessa (6). Time not spent with his family consists of running ultra marathons, six of which he has successfully completed. He also enjoys playing solitaire and watching documentaries with a good cup of coffee.

His talk will be on how the Jesuit Values play a role in his life. He asks that you keep an open mind throughout his lecture, as he takes a somewhat backwards approach to the traditional viewpoint. The personal twist he puts on them can open your mind and give you a different perspective that you may not have thought of before.

Please join us on Wednesday, November 9th at 9:00 pm in Science Center 115 to hear Dr. Pecaut’s words of wisdom!

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Massman Weight Room to Receive Extreme Makeover

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MASSMAN WEIGHT ROOM – It is another glorious day here at the RU!  The Student Senate would like to tell you about something amazing that is coming to the Massman Hall weight room.  If you guessed new cardio equipment such as treadmills, ARC-trainers (fancy ellipticals), and stair steppers, you would be RIGHT!  It will also be getting a fresh look in the weights department with new utility benches.  The Athletic Department heard the request of the students and brought this new need to the attention of the Student Senate.  The Senate has approved the signing of a three year lease to ensure that equipment is new and repairs are handled quickly, all for a better student experience. So, a portion of your student activity fee is going straight to benefiting YOU and the entire campus!  Be on the lookout for some major updates in our exercise facilities coming November 10th. Further, definitely keep an eye out for Student Senate’s very own Tony Gambino, who is so excited about the equipment that he is going to be in the gym every single day!

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What’s New with RU Athletics

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With fall sports powering into post-conference play, winter sports gearing up for their conference seasons, and spring sports grinding it out in the off season, there’s certainly a lot going on in the Rockhurst Athletic Department throughout all the various teams. With this in mind, you might have missed some of the top stories in RU Athletics news, so here’s a look at what RU teams are doing:

Men’s Soccer 

The Men’s Soccer team spent a portion of their season at No. 1 in the NCAA Div. II Top 25 Poll, but after a series of losses to McKendree and Missouri S&T, fell to No. 6. However, the Hawks picked up their fifth GLVC Championship since 2008, ending with a GLVC record of 12-2-1 and 14-2-1 overall. Senior midfielder Gianluca Bottoni, senior defender Evan Craig, junior goalkeeper Logan Feldmann, and junior forward Kaleb Jackson also have been named to the 2016 Academic All-District Team, which recognizes the nation’s top student-athletes for their performance in the classroom and on the field. The Men’s Soccer team continues its season when it hosts Maryville University on Sunday, October 30 at Bourke Field at 2:30 PM.

Women’s Soccer 

The Women’s Soccer team captured their first ever GLVC Championship by defeating William Jewell 2-0, tying them in first place with Truman State with a GLVC record of 12-1-2. The Hawks, ranked No. 15 in the NCAA Div. II Top 25 Poll, goes into post-conference play with a 15-1-2 overall record. Two senior midfielders, Courtney Silberberg and Kristin Wolff, also have been named to the 2016 Academic All-District Team, which recognizes the nation’s top student-athletes for their performance in the classroom and on the field. The Women’s Soccer team, second seed in the GLVC Tournament, continues its season when it hosts Quincy University on Sunday, October 30 at Bourke Field at 12:00 PM.

Women’s Volleyball

The Women’s Volleyball team is currently riding a 12 game win-streak, posting a GLVC record of 9-1 and an overall record of 20-4. Senior outside hitter Morgan Rietzke has earned GLVC Offensive Player of the Week honors twice this season and four times overall, while junior libero Anne Hellwege earned GLVC Defensive Player of the Week, making it her fourth career Defensive Player of the Week award. The Women’s Volleyball team continues its season when it hosts University of Wisconsin-Parkside on Friday, October 28 at Mason-Halpin Fieldhouse at 7:00 PM.

Women’s Cross Country 

The Women’s Cross Country team started off their season with a first-place win at the Cardinal Cross Country Invitational and earned a 12th place finish at the GLVC Championships held in Rolla, Missouri. Other results include 17th place at the Southern Stampede, 8th at the Rim Rock Classic, and 6th at the Jackling Jocks Invitational.

Men’s Golf 

The Men’s Golf team began their fall season with a 5th place finish at the Arch Cup, posting several solid results along the way, including a 3rd place finish at the Dan Salisbury Memorial Collegiate Invitational and a 4th place finish at The Dominic. The team wrapped up the fall season with a 13thplace finish at the Midwest Regional in Eureka, MO. They kick off spring action at the Washburn Spring Invitational on March 13.

Women’s Golf 

The Women’s Golf team began their fall season with a 4th place finish at the William Jewell Fall Tune-Up, posting several solid results along the way, including a 5th place finish at the Dan Salisbury Memorial Collegiate Invitational and a 9th place finish at Maryville Fall Invitational. The team wrapped up the fall season with a 1st place finish at the Park University Fall Classic. They kick off spring action at the Ottowa Invitational on March 13.

Men’s Tennis 

The Men’s Tennis team captured two singles titles at the Wheat State Tournament in their short offseason competition period. Sophomore Joe Ibarra and senior Antonio Mizuno both won their flights in the singles draw, while senior Luke Salisbury and junior Nicolas Riveros finished second in their doubles flight. Salisbury also finished second in his flight of the singles draw. The Men’s Tennis team kicks off its season when it hosts William Jewell College on Saturday, March 25 at the Loyola Park Tennis Courts at 10:00 AM.

Men’s Basketball

The Men’s Basketball team has been slotted to finish fourth in the 2016-17 Great Lakes Valley Conference West Division Men’s Basketball Preseason Poll, behind Quincy (1), Drury (2), and Truman State (3). The Men’s Basketball team kicks off its season when it hosts Nebraska Wesleyan University on Saturday, November 12 at Mason-Halpin Fieldhouse at 8:00 PM.

Women’s Basketball

The Women’s Basketball team has been slotted to finish fourth in the 2016-17 Great Lakes Valley Conference West Division Men’s Basketball Preseason Poll, behind Drury (1), Quincy (2), and Truman State (3). The Women’s Basketball team kicks off its season when it hosts Lincoln University of Missouri on Saturday, November 12 at Mason-Halpin Fieldhouse at 6:00 PM.

Many other teams are hard at work in their off-seasons, gearing up for the conference competitions in the spring. The Men’s Lacrosse team kicks off its season when it hosts Missouri Valley College on Saturday, February 4 at Bourke Field at 1:00 PM. The Women’s Lacrosse team kicks off its season when it travels to Ottawa University on Wednesday, February 22. The Women’s Tennis team kicks off its season when it hosts William Jewell College on Saturday, March 25 at the Loyola Park Tennis Courts at 10:00 AM. The Women’s Softball schedule is still TBA.

By: Senator Jansen Rouillard

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Fr. Curran to Host Student Town Hall August 30th

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Fr. Curran, Rockhurst University’s President, will host a series of Town Hall style conversations over the next two months to attain a better grasp on the campus climate when it comes to issues of diversity and inclusion. The President revealed his plan and passion for creating a culture of true incorporation at the all faculty/staff meeting early in the month, a message he reechoed at all-student leader training and the welcome prayer service.

Rockhurst undergraduate students are being asked to participate in Fr. Curran’s initial Town Hall appearance. The event will be held on August 30th at 4 pm in the Fishbowl. Fr. Curran, in conjunction with the Student Senate, requests the presence of as many undergraduate students as possible. Please show your support for Fr. Curran, the Student Senate, and most importantly this initiative to create a campus in which all members feel valued and incorporated.

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Rockhurst Brings “The Buzz” To Campus

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August 2016 – Rockhurst University’s Student Senate has voted to expand students’ news options by bringing to campus “The Buzz: Rockhurst Univeristy.” An extension of USA TODAY’s print news service, “The Buzz” is a smartphone app with news stories specifically tailored to students of Rockhurst University. The best part? Downloading the app is FREE, thanks to your Student Activity Fee.

Stories will be pulled from USA TODAY, USA TODAY College, The Sentinel, Student Senate, Athletics, and Rockhurst University, to form a one stop shop for your news needs. A limited number of hard copies of USA TODAY and the KC Star will still be available in Massman by the TMDR.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD: Go to your respective smartphone’s app store and search: “The Buzz: Rockhurst University” and download the app. That’s it!

Happy news reading!

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Chartwells Steps Up Its Game

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On campus catering provider, Chartwells Catering, has implemented a number of successful programs this semester. Here is a list of some of their successes. Further, join Chartwells TONIGHT for the last pub night of the year.
1. Luau
Last week in TMDR, Chartwells hosted their first ever Luau, including a roasted pig. Students got to pick their piece of meet straight off the bone while learning about the various parts meat comes from on a pig.
2. Pub Night
Last week Chartwells kicked off what they hope will become a weekly recurring event: Pub Night! This unique event takes place on the deck outside of Einsteins. Purchase your meal (combo or a la carte) in Einsteins, then head on out. Rumor has it there is potential for the jukebox to make an appearance in the future.
3. Premium Nights
Craving steak? Premium night is perfect for you! For just $3 you get to choose between steak or another premium entree (fried shrimp is a popular one). Have something in mind for our next Premium Night? Tell Chartwells!

Upcoming Events

November 5-9: Leadership Symposium Week 

November 5:

  • School-wide Service Project (All Day in Massman)
  • MOCSA Speaker (SCI 115)

November 6:

  • Health and Wellness Center Groundbreaking Ceremony (XL Lot @ 4pm)
  • Alicia Douglas: Last Lecture (SCI 115 @ 9pm)

November 7:

  • Town Hall (Party Barn @ 4pm)

November 8:

  • House of Reps (Massman 250 @4pm)

November 13: SAFBC Meeting