Student Senate Platform 2017-18


Promoting Leadership Ardently Through the Furthering Of Rockhurst’s Mission

 WHEREAS,    the Rockhurst University Student Senate promotes the interests and concerns of   the undergraduate student body in matters that affect the University community;

WHEREAS,    the Student Senate is committed to the Jesuit “Way of Proceeding” by adhering to                         the core values of Finding God in All Things, Reflection and Discernment, Magis,              Cura Personalis, Wisdom, and Contemplation in Action;

WHEREAS,    Student Senators have offered their input on how the Student Senate might best                             serve the Rockhurst community for this academic year;

WHEREAS,    a platform approved with the fullest consent of the Student Senate will provide a                          direction for the Student Senate as we live out Rockhurst’s mission;

BE IT ENACTED THAT the Rockhurst University Student Senate hereby approves and endorses a platform for the 2017-18 academic year by the following:

 Student Senate Mission, Values, and Agenda 2017-18


We, the Student Senate of Rockhurst University, in order to promote the interests and concerns of the undergraduate student body in matters that affect the University community, shall maintain and improve the rights and general welfare of the students; stimulate and promote support among students for policies beneficial to their interests; strengthen understanding and communication between students and the University; and uphold the ideals and values of the Catholic Jesuit tradition through learning, leadership, and service. 


The Student Senate aspires to be the voice for all Rockhurst students and to enact positive change on our campus and in our community, with a specific ear bent towards those on the margins by being relentlessly rooted in our Jesuit Way of proceeding through our availability, communication, gratitude, seeking the magis.

Specific Agenda Items

Recognizing that the Student Senate will respond to current events as they arise and in a timely manner, and that this list is neither exhaustive nor complete, we establish these as our long-term points of interest for the 2017-18 academic year:


  • Increased availability via social media, office hours, open meetings, and other means, for our constituents, so that non-senator voices are heard
  • Utilizing the opportunity that the Tripartite Committees offer students in terms of input for administrative decisions


  • Efficacious Senate programming through improved Town Hall and House of Representative events
  • A review of the many different mobile applications Rockhurst supports
  • Awareness of student organization meetings and events through some common platform


  • Outreach and service within the local Kansas City community
  • Partnerships with other student organizations to promote the success of all co-curricular opportunities


  • Greater opportunities for sustainable living by Rockhurst students, faculty, and staff
  • Implement environmentally conscious efforts on campus
  • Support for the vulnerable and marginalized on our campus by working with Rockhurst’s existing resources and seeking new resources