Massman Weight Room to Receive Extreme Makeover

MASSMAN WEIGHT ROOM – It is another glorious day here at the RU!  The Student Senate would like to tell you about something amazing that is coming to the Massman Hall weight room.  If you guessed new cardio equipment such as treadmills, ARC-trainers (fancy ellipticals), and stair steppers, you would be RIGHT!  It will also be getting a fresh look in the weights department with new utility benches.  The Athletic Department heard the request of the students and brought this new need to the attention of the Student Senate.  The Senate has approved the signing of a three year lease to ensure that equipment is new and repairs are handled quickly, all for a better student experience. So, a portion of your student activity fee is going straight to benefiting YOU and the entire campus!  Be on the lookout for some major updates in our exercise facilities coming November 10th. Further, definitely keep an eye out for Student Senate’s very own Tony Gambino, who is so excited about the equipment that he is going to be in the gym every single day!