Fr. Curran to Host Student Town Hall August 30th

Fr. Curran, Rockhurst University’s President, will host a series of Town Hall style conversations over the next two months to attain a better grasp on the campus climate when it comes to issues of diversity and inclusion. The President revealed his plan and passion for creating a culture of true incorporation at the all faculty/staff meeting early in the month, a message he reechoed at all-student leader training and the welcome prayer service.

Rockhurst undergraduate students are being asked to participate in Fr. Curran’s initial Town Hall appearance. The event will be held on August 30th at 4 pm in the Fishbowl. Fr. Curran, in conjunction with the Student Senate, requests the presence of as many undergraduate students as possible. Please show your support for Fr. Curran, the Student Senate, and most importantly this initiative to create a campus in which all members feel valued and incorporated.