Chartwells Steps Up Its Game


On campus catering provider, Chartwells Catering, has implemented a number of successful programs this semester. Here is a list of some of their successes. Further, join Chartwells TONIGHT for the last pub night of the year.
1. Luau
Last week in TMDR, Chartwells hosted their first ever Luau, including a roasted pig. Students got to pick their piece of meet straight off the bone while learning about the various parts meat comes from on a pig.
2. Pub Night
Last week Chartwells kicked off what they hope will become a weekly recurring event: Pub Night! This unique event takes place on the deck outside of Einsteins. Purchase your meal (combo or a la carte) in Einsteins, then head on out. Rumor has it there is potential for the jukebox to make an appearance in the future.
3. Premium Nights
Craving steak? Premium night is perfect for you! For just $3 you get to choose between steak or another premium entree (fried shrimp is a popular one). Have something in mind for our next Premium Night? Tell Chartwells!