It’s Housing Time!

It’s Housing Time!

It’s that time of year again Hawks: the housing application has been released! BUT WAIT! Before you start running through your residence halls trying to get dibs on the best roommates, get to know your on-campus options. Because living in the right place can make all the difference.

  1. Xavier- Loyola Hall (a.k.a. XL)XL

As the oldest residence hall on campus, XL is a place for making memories. With double-occupancy rooms (and a few single rooms* sprinkled in), this hall has typically housed upperclassmen and upperclasswomen at RU. As the most affordable housing option of the bunch at $5,100**, XL is sure to leave you smiling with the friends you made and the money you saved.


  1. McGee Hall


Ladies, this one is for you! McGee Hall is the only residence hall on campus exclusively for women. Choose to double up or slide into a single room here, and you’ll be sure to have some great heart-to-hearts, movie nights, and study sessions when living the McGee life. Double occupancy rooms start at approximately $5,755** but really, can you put a price on the community you build here?


  1. Corcoran Hall


Don’t worry Gents, Corcoran Hall is all yours. Located on the northeast side of campus, Corcoran offers great access to Lower Bourke, the Party Barn, and of course, Rockstock in the spring. Share your room or live alone in this laid-back men’s hall. With rooms start at about $5,755**, you can’t really go wrong.


  1. Townhouse Villages (THV)


How much do you miss having your own kitchen? A lot? Well the THVs might be just for you! These condo style homes tout two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full living room, dining room, and kitchen. Live with 2, 4, or 6 people and you’re bound to have some good times here. The THVs are also the only housing units that have gated parking on campus, so rest assured your vehicles are well looked after. Starting at $6,450**, the THVs could be your friend-group’s dream home!


  1. On-Campus Housing (OCH)


Say it with me now: ON CAMPUS HOUSING. Got it? Great. While the OCH acronym can confuse some, these on campus houses will help you connect to the city you’re living in. OCHs are Rockhurst-owned houses in the neighborhood. Located on the north side of campus, the OCH residences allow you to feel even more at home as you live in a unique place in the community. Starting at $6,890**, and housing between 2 to 6 people, this might be the “home away from home” you’ve always been looking for.


(If you are interested in the OCH housing option, your friendly neighborhood RAs will be doing tours of the houses on Saturday, January 30 from 2:00pm-4:00pm).


  1. Rock Row


IT’S COMING! IT’S COMING! That’s right Hawks- hold onto your feathers because the Rock Row houses are coming for Fall 2016! These four person, four bedroom houses will be built along the south side of campus on Forest. While the costs haven’t been released quite yet, you and your roommates can expect the cost to be around an $8,100 figure. But you know, you could be the first dwellers in these new establishments, so that’s pretty much priceless, right? (If you want more information on these, check out this RU Senate article).


Well that’s all folks! Housing applications open January 29, 2016 and the deadlines vary depending on which housing option you choose. So stay alert! If you would like to live anywhere on campus, you must fill out an individual housing application and if you are looking at living in the THV, OCH, or Rock Row communities, a group housing application must also be completed. Your RA has information about deadlines and the application process, so feel free to reach out to them, or chat up a Student Senator with your questions. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor this housing season!


*Single rooms are limited and space cannot be guaranteed. Rates for these rooms are much higher then the double occupancy price in each hall.


**Disclaimer: All prices are based on 2015-2016 double occupancy rates for each hall and are subject to change.