Pilot Housing Project Coming Soon

Pilot Housing Cover 2

Plans for new townhouse-esk living quarters are in the works, and these plans are quickly becoming a reality.

A few weeks ago, Matt Heinrich, Dr. Matt Quick, and Mark Hetzler revealed the proposed floor plans for a new living hall that could quite possibly be available to Rockhurst students as early as August 2016. This pilot housing project will be built on the grassy lot on the South side of Rockhurst on Forest Street, just East of the Community Center.

As two apartment style houses holding sixteen residents each, Rockhurst’s newest edition will have room for thirty-two residents in its first year. The houses will be divided up in fours. That is, four groups of eight students will be selected to live in the new housing based on the current residence placement system. Mr. Hetzler explained that the new houses will go to those with the highest points, followed by the OCH’s, the townhouses, then the residence halls. The new housing will be available for next year’s juniors and seniors.

If all goes well, there could be future expansions on Forest.

The housing will display a 1920’s outside so as to blend in with the surrounding houses. The inside features a community space on the main level, which includes a kitchen, a washer and dryer, and a living space. Two bedrooms will be upstairs and two will be in the basement of this one and half story edifice. A thirty-two stall parking lot will be built just behind the houses and will be available for resident parking.

See the proposed floor plans here!

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, talk to a Student Senator today!